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Testimonials: Testimonials

"SK Custom Grips offers custom-made grips in some of the most beautiful wood available such as flamed-grained maple and burl mesquite.  The color and figure in the latter definitely falls into the category of having to be seen to be believed.  He has done several pair for me for Ruger Bisley's Model both in burl mesquite and maple.  Somehow he manages to come up with the most exotic of exotic woods."

John Taffin

"Scott Kolar makes some of the finest sixgun grips available today. His choice of materials is excellent; his workmanship is superb; and his regard for the customer's wishes, and for the artistry of the guns, puts him in a rare company of craftsmen. He's a good guy, too!"

Boge Quinn, Webmaster

"SK is truly a skilled gripmaker, and has already stocked two of my custom sixguns. One was fitted with a beautiful set made from French Walnut, while the second sixgun was given a very rare set of Bighorn Sheep grips. Both fit my hand perfectly and I could not be happier. Scott will be doing more work for me in the very near future!"

Mike Barranti, Barranti Leather Company

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