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The Process

SK Custom Grips specializes in hand carved and crafted grips for every gun lover out there. With our primary work being for the 1911's and single action revolvers. We are also selling a variety of our specialty and unique products online directly.

Step 1: DESIGN

Our custom grips are made with pride in the USA.  Each set of grips is completely unique and one of a kind. The first step of the process is to contact us and discuss your project.  Whether you have a stock or custom 1911 or single action revolver,  we will be able to customize a grip for you with confidence.


Choose your unique material. We carry the most unique colors and materials on the market. Choose from ivory, bone and exotic woods. If we don't have what you want, we can source  it. 


Every order includes a client consultation to achieve the perfect fit and finish to your frame and hand, just give us a call!

Get in touch with me today to see how we can start working together.

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